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Sudan Court Convicts Attackers of UNAMID Official’s Home

Rebels in South Sudan under the Leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgoun have expressed great disappointment in the Juba government per the new labor policy that was issued by the Ministry of Labor in the country that aimed at restricting foreigners enjoying the vast employment opportunities in the country.

The Principal Representative SPLM/A country office-Uganda, order David Otim told journalists at Hotel Africana in Kampala that the government’s position to eject foreigners from certain jobs is to very immature and contradicts the spirit of soon joining the East Africa Community (EAC)

Otim said that it should be remembered that South Sudan is still under observer status within EAC and that this move is against the free movement of labor that is advocated for by the community.

“The position of Juba regime of job blinding to foreigners is a typical ideology of obscurantist and the forces of reactionarism and retrogression which is unacceptable,” Otim noted.

Otim added that Ugandans in particular have sacrificed and shed blood for the formation, independence and stability of the world’s youngest country which would be an act of disservice to its citizens who are currently employed there.

He remarked that South Sudanese will always remain indebted to Uganda because of the sacrifices made by offering their unwavering support to the people of South Sudan which culminated to the their independence in 2011.

“We appreciate the ideological clarity from the government of Uganda in particular from President Museveni during the struggle for the liberation of the blacks in south Sudan.”

Last week, the public was shocked on receiving a notice to all Non-Governmental Organization working in South Sudan being directed to notify all the aliens working with them in all the positions to cease working as from 15th October, 2014 forthwith.


The order came just months after trucks belonging to United Nations were intercepted by security agencies carrying weapons to territories under the control of rebel leader, Dr. Riek Machar.

However, the South Sudan government through the Labour Minister, Ngol Kolong clarified that the latest notice ordering foreigners, including aid workers, to give their positions to nationals is just “targeting low level positions existing in the various organizations.”

Uganda’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Asuman Kiyingi has revealed that  as part of the ways to resolve the northern border dispute between Uganda and South Sudan, ampoule the 2 countries are set to undertake a border verification and demarcation exercise.

“Uganda reminded Juba that the 2 presidents visited Moyo in 2009 over the border dispute and both countries are to sign Memorandum of Understanding to pave way for the creation of a Joint Technical Border Verification  and Demarcation Committee, check ”Kiyingi told journalists on Tuesday afternoon .

According to the minister, prostate guidelines had been issued for communities from both countries to live in harmony  and utilize the land through cultivation but avoid erecting permanent structures until the demarcation exercise is completed.

“We requested President Kiir to restrain border communities from any actions that would escalate the situation between the two countries. There was also to be joint border patrols on a daily basis with constant reports back to authorities of both countries.”

Kiyingi explained that during his visit to Moyo where he went as President Museveni’s special envoy, Salva Kiir regretted the recent arrest and detention of Ugandan enumerators by South Sudan authorities.

“There are still a lot of problems but we agreed that security be provided to these communities and if all the guidelines are followed by both authorities, peace will prevail in the area,” said Mr Kiyingi.

On the expulsion of foreigners from Sudan, Kiyingi explained that the two countries agreed that there would be no victimization of any group of people as the issue had been addressed by rescinding the decision.

“No South Sudanese has been stopped from coming to Uganda and it should not happen as long as they don’t pose a threat to the country’s security,” Kiyingi warned.

Government has signaled Ugandans to prepare for distribution of the first batch of the National Identify cards.


In a brief statement issued this afternoon, viagra 40mg by the National Security Information System [NSIS] it was reveled that production of the fast batch of the cards was in its final stages.


The officials however did not reveal the actual date, check distribution will commence. The date they say will soon be announced by the Internal Affairs Ministry.


The Card production process they say, cost involves Image enhancement, citizenship verification, quality assurance, data processing and detailed checks on every card to ensure accuracy.


Countrywide registration for the cards which stated earlier in April has entered its second episode and is still ongoing.


The exercise is now being conducted at the sub-county level across the country, save for the capital Kampala, and municipals where it remained at Parish level due to demographic issues.


The exercise still emphasizes mobility outreaches for the elderly, advanced pregnancy and People with Disabilities to mitigate long distances.



“We encourage eligible Ugandan Citizens who have not yet registered for their National Identity Cards to go and register at their respective sub counties in this window period of Continuous Registration,” read the statement.



The use of National Identity Cards as travel documents was agreed upon amongst the Republics of Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. This was hoped to among others; highlight the benefits accruing from free movement of persons within the region.


The partner States agreed to use National Identity Cards for Kenya and Rwanda and National Identity, voters’ and Student Cards for Uganda as travel documents. Uganda was urged to fast track the issuance of National Identity Cards and this is progressively on track with card production as the current major ongoing activity at the ID project offices.

The African Union- United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) has welcomed a court verdict convicting three Sudanese accused of attacking the private residence of female UNAMID Police Advisors in El Fasher.

It was alleged that on 10th April 2014, adiposity UNAMID personnel’s residence was attacked by a group of armed Sudanese nationals.

Two of the victims were robbed of their belongings at knife and gunpoint as one was sexually assaulted.

In a statement yesterday, the mission pointed out that this was the first case in which an attack against UNAMID peacekeepers had been brought to trial and the perpetrators sentenced.

Sudanese police apprehended four persons suspected of having participated in the attack. After a trial which lasted from 5 June to 18 September, three of the accused were convicted of having committed armed robbery and sentenced to three years imprisonment.

One of the accused was also convicted of rape, with an additional sentence of 5 years in prison.

“UNAMID commends the excellent collaboration between the Mission and the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Darfur Crimes and calls on the Government of Sudan to further pursue and enhance this cooperation and ensure that all perpetrators of crimes against UNAMID peacekeepers be brought to justice,” the statement stated.


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