Sub County Chief Accused of Spreading Banana Wilt

Police have revealed that two suspects who are believed to have conspired, treat sales causing the death of a South Sudanese student, more about Suzan Adit Maker that died last week while in pursuit to recover her snatched golden jewelry are so far detained in Police cells.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, abortion Patrick Onyango told journalists that the two arrested suspects are Bruno Kasozi, a taxi broker working a long William street in the city center and a business lady, Juliet Nasanga, a resident of Nansana who is said to have bought the stolen Necklace.

Onyango noted that police are still hunting for the key suspect a one Dickson who is said to have tipped Kasozi informing him of the girl who was wearing the golden necklace.

“Kasozi admitted to have snatched the gold necklace from the deceased who was walking along the street in downtown Kampala with her siblings,” Onyango remarked.

“He adds that after snatching the jewelry, he took off and the deceased ran after him before he shrouded into the gap between Yamaha Centre and HB building as a tactic to escape from the her,”Onyango narrated.

Onyango also said that Kasozi revealed that after running and realizing that the girl was no longer following him, he stoped and answered his phone which had been ringing for some time and that this is when colleague, Dickson informed him that the girl who was running after him had fallen down and died.

Onyango said Adit might have slipped as she was chasing after Kasozi and unfortunately fell down and died.

“The co-arrested, Nasanga has also admitted buying the necklace from Kasozi and the two are to answer to murder charges as police still hunts for Dickson to further explain how Adit lost her life.”


Suzan Adit, a 20 year old hailing from South Sudan, was a Senior Three student at Emma High School, Kisaasi, a Kampala Suburb.

BUSHENYI: As food security in the region continues to deteriorate following a reduction in banana production due to the bacterial wilt disease, website like this residents and councilors of Nyabubare Sub County have attacked their LC III Chairperson, treatment Lauben Nimwesiga accusing him of refusing to control the disease in his plantation, something which they said was not exemplary.

The residents, who stormed Nimwesiga’s plantation on Friday, said that the Chairperson had adamantly refused to cut down diseased plants on his plantation and that this was a threat to other farmers in the Sub County and the neighboring Mitooma District.

“It’s as if our leaders have decided to sacrifice us. What should we think when our chairman who is supposed to be our leader fails to be exemplary? He has done less than we expect as far as fighting the disease is concerned. We want him to give a thorough explanation on this,” One resident demanded.

When contacted for a comment, Nimwesiga said that he had tried to control the disease but new infections were being registered each passing day. “Of course, as leader, I have done my best to work with my people but the disease has not gone away. Attacking me provides no solution to the current crisis.” Lauben said.

Neighboring Mitooma District Chairperson, Benon Karyaija who was also at the scene remarked that his district was faced with the disease especially on the border with Nyabubare Sub County and hence asked Bushenyi District Chairperson, Willis Bashaasha to punish the adamant Sub County chairperson.

The gathering suggested that the chairman be apprehended and be made to pay a fine, just like the rest who had earlier been caught for not removing diseased plants from their plantations.

It is reported that, in April 2014, four peasants in Nyabubare Sub County were arrested on allegations that they were spreading banana bacterial wilt disease and were made to pay a fine of shs 40,000 each

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