Students Strike Over Strict Head Master, Matron

Students of Nyarukika High School in Rukiri Parish Ibanda district yesterday held a strike over what they called their head teacher Steven Gerard Rugumire’s tough rules.

The students who spoke to our reporter, viagra said they decided to strike for being woken up at 4am and being allowed back in their dormitories at 11pm.

For purposes of improving the school’s academic performance, pharmacy the administration decided to lock the student dormitories, order opening them only at sleep time.

Students of Nyarukika High School in Ibanda
Students of Nyarukika High School in Ibanda

They students claim they are too exhausted during the day and cannot concentrate on studies because they are deprived of sleep. Some of them say they have been skipping class to go sleep under trees and in the bushes.

The head teacher Master Rugumire in response however, said they students were being lazy, stressing that the seemingly hard treatment is only for their benefit.

Rugumire told police which rushed to the school, that the students during the strike destroyed school property worth millions of shillings before descending on other people’s property in the neighborhood.

The DPC Ibanda police station Denis Ochama said he will keep a mild police deployment at the school to ensure that total normalcy is restored.

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