Student, 19, Abducted And Raped, Suspect Released

A family in Jinja district has come out accusing police of mishandling a case in which their teenage daughter was raped.

Jalia Nakisige, a 19-year-old student at Noor Primary Teachers College in Iganga was allegedly held captive in an undisclosed place for three days.

Her mother Halima Nangobi says unidentified men rounded her up as she swept the compound before blindfolding and sedating her.

After a frantic search by friends and relatives, kidnappers called Nakisige’s uncle Mirajj Baluku who in turn relayed the news to the victim’s mother.

The suspects proceeded to call Nakisige’s mother severally before dumping her at their home on May 5 2019.

The victim was found in a vegetative state and unable to talk.

“Her head bore a circular cutting and her tongue was swollen. I tried bathing her and she signaled to me that her private parts were hurting”, the mother revealed.

Since the abductors did not ask for money, Nangobi suspects it could have been a ritualistic misdeed or personal witch hunt.


A close look at Nakisigge’s medical form shows that her genitals bore bruises, a sign that she had forceful intercourse.

Parents of the victim say investigations into this matter which occurred on the 2nd of May 2019 are taking long.

The case is registered as CRB 74/2019 at Buwenge police station and charges relate to abduction and rape.

Speaking to ChimpReports, Nangobi, 35, intimated that on several occasions she has visited the station, she has been tossed.

To compound her worries, Nangobi claims one of the prime suspects, a one Umaru has been released on flimsy grounds.

Last month officers from Maga–Maga Police post arrested a Umaru (another name not disclosed) and Hassan aka Jajja Mulangira, a traditional doctor regarding this matter.

First, Nangobi says she was told that the file had been returned from the state attorney’s office but charges had been altered.

But upon pressing a one Muyanda, the officer in charge of this case, she was told that Umaru was released in order to lead them to those at large.

It said Umaru’s phone was used by the abductors to make calls.

“He told me that Umaru had been released so they can apprehend others at large mainly Namboozo. But how can you get other suspects when others are being released”?

On reaching Buwenge police, ChimpReports was denied access to this file and told that the CID officer Nandugga Berna was available at the moment.

Upon calling days later, an unidentified police officer said this was a sensitive matter that they could not discuss in the media.

Separately, in an interview late last week with the Kiira region police spokesperson, SP. Diana Nandawula expressed ignorance about the matter. However, she promised to track the case.


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