Street Children Influx Blamed on NGOs

Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha, buy the Kabale Municipality Mayor has accused local NGOs of causing the proliferation of children on the streets of Kabale.

The mayor says street children are one the leading lobbying excuses for NGOs in Kabale, for sale much to the detriment of the Municipality.

He says the organizations are using street children to apply for grants from western countries, price claiming to run programs that help the young homeless children when most of them don’t.

The mayor revealed on Tuesday that the Council will soon be rolling out an operation that will see all street children in Kabale rounded up and returned to their families in the villages, and that NGOs that continue encouraging children onto the streets will have to be closed.

Byamugisha was Tuesday addressing the Kabale municipality budget conference that was held at the Catholic Social Center at Christ The King Church in Kabale Municipality.

Meanwhile, Byamugisha also warned the youths that received the Youth Livelihood Funds but failed to pay back, that these have until 1st November 2016 to do so or face arrest.

He says out of the 160 million shillings that was given out to the youth in the municipality, only 16 million shillings has so far been recovered.

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