Strange Livestock Disease hits Rubanda District, 20 Animals Dead

Livestock farmers in the two sub counties of Hamurwa and Nyamweru   in Rubanda district are grappling with a strange livestock disease that has so far claimed nearly two dozen animals in a space of two weeks.

The affected villages are Habubaare, dosage Bugandura and Gwarujongo in Igomanda parish, Hamurwa Sub County and the villages of Hataba, Gwashuju, and Kashambya in Kyokyezo parish in Nyamweru Sub County.

The farmers say the disease attacks livestock mostly goats and sheep and about 20 of them have died.

Pius Tumwerinde Rukyemwe, the Hamurwa sub county district councillor says an affected animal gets a bulged stomach, dripping nose, abnormal change in skin colour and eventually dies, some times within a day.

Tumwerinde says most of the farmers have decided to sell off their goats and sheep at cheaper prices for fear of losing them.

He also adds that he has informed the district veterinary officer Rubanda district about the matter.

Kenneth Jogo Biryabarema the Rubanda district Chairman says they have received the complaints about the strange disease and instructed the veterinary officer to visit the sub counties to establish the disease and give a report to the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries for assistance.

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