Stop Working For Your Stomachs Only- Museveni To Kaliro People

President Yoweri Museveni has re-echoed to the people of Busoga Sub-Region, the need to shift from subsistence to commercial and calculative agriculture to the people of Busoga so as to increase household income and improve their well being.

He was addressing a rally in Naiwakoke Town Council in Kaliro District.

“Stop working for your stomachs only. Your needs are more than your stomachs. Traditionally, working for the stomach was the relevant thing to do because most of the things that these people did were for themselves and the family. The children would go and fetch fire wood and people would live in mud houses. But now I want you to live in modern ‘mabaati’ houses such that you don’t have to shift when it rains,” he said.

The President advised the people who live near the swamps, to engage in fish farming as opposed to growing crops in them. He further encouraged them to embrace the four acre-model of production, as a way of profitably using their pieces of land and getting rid of poverty.

He cautioned wananchi to desist from land fragmentation and advised them to make family companies with shares from which they would get profits and still be able to keep the property intact.

“I am not saying that children should not share the inheritance of their families but they should be able to do it in a smart way,” he explained.

As an appreciation to the people of Nawaikoke village for voting massively for the NRM, the President promised to build them a vocational institute and provide an ambulance.

He also revealed that government would soon extend electricity to the area.

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