“Stop Wasting Tax Payers Money”, Mak VC Tells Students

The Vice Chancellor Makerere University prof. Barnabas Nawangwe has issued a strong and final warning to the students who are suspected to have masterminded despicable acts of violence that involved setting fires and blocking of free-flow of traffic along University roads among other cases.

The professor noted that on the evening of Friday 17th august 2018, a number of students from the School of Agricultural Sciences and School of Medicine held a disruptive illegal demonstration that went on until midnight in the morning of Saturday.

“… forced fellow students out of Lumumba Hall and compelled them to join you in an illegal and disruptive demonstration…”

He further advised the students that “Drunkenness and persistent use of foul language neither has a place in scholarship nor your training as a future professional.”

He urged the students to concentrate on their studies and stop wasting tax payer’s money most especially those on government sponsorship.

“The lack of commitment to studies is not only harming your future career but wasting scarce resources and tax payers money along with ridiculing your parents hope for a better future.”

In letter addressed to  Hamidu Sebyala (B. Agribusiness Mngt) School of Agricultural Sciences, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Makerere University and Godfrey kamukama Frank (MB chB) of School of Medicine, College of Health Science Makerere University, Nawangwe warned that the students should mend their ways before it becomes too late for them.

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