Stop Threatening Us: Minister Kasaija Tells Opposition

The Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija has asked opposition leaders to allow open discussions instead of using intimidation and harassment to those that have varying views on issues of land and age limit laws.

Kasaija noted that Uganda is a democratic country that is owned by all Ugandans who have a right to different views on any issue including that of age limit and land amendments.

“For the past few weeks, this country has witnessed some events that threaten democracy that some of us went to Bush to fight for. Each one of us has a right to speak freely about what we believe and want. I am not threatened by the opposition members who are threatening to beat or stop any of us from speaking in Parliament. Who are they to deny me any freedom?” Kasaija noted.

On the issue of the proposed Land law amendment, Kasaija said it is a very necessary law if Uganda is going to develop into a middle income economy and later into a developed economy in 2040.

“I have worked on government projects that have been delayed leading to loss of huge amounts of money that would be used to do other development projects. People with very selfish reasons are sabotaging government projects using their land ownership rights. The proposed amendment will do a lot of good to the economy.”

He added: “Those of you saying we want to use the law to steal people’s land, how can we steal their land when we are the ones that helped Ugandans to own land?”

Kasaija was speaking at the commissioning of the NSSF’s $400m real housing project that is located in Lubowa, Wakiso district.

Kasaija added that those who are claiming ownership of the NSSF land in Lubowa will be punished in case it is found out they were claiming it illegally.

The minister also asked NSSF to consider building low cost houses for low income earners Ugandans so that they can also have access to decent housing.

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