Stop Selling Public Land – Magyezi Warns Local Gov’t Leaders


The Minister of Local Government Raphael Magyezi has issued a strong warning to Local Government leaders that they will be dealt with an iron hand once caught mishandling public assets like selling of public land and buildings.

Presenting his Ministry’s performance report in regard to NRM 2016 manifesto at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kampala on Tuesday, Magyezi said many Local Government leaders sell public assets to themselves.

“There is mishandling of public assets. People sell themselves public land in the towns especially. Please stop selling public land and public buildings. We are not going to accept it,” he said.

He added that the law is in place and anyone to do so must get approval from the Minister of Finance who is also guided by the Minister of Local Government.

” For now, in the situation we are going through and the upcoming political season, this is a directive and we will put it in writing to all Local Government leaders. Stop selling public land and public buildings.”

The Minister also announced that his Ministry will work with Public Accounts Committee, State House Anti-Corruption Unit and IGG to help check the mismanagement of public resources.


Further, Magyezi admitted that there is corruption in Local Government which he vowed to fight.

“Corruption is a very big pandemic in Local Government, we do accept and we do commit ourselves to fight this vice because it denies people services. We totally condemn corruption in Local Government and we call upon the Local Government leaders to exhibit a high level of transparency and accountability.”

On the issue of Councillors and Mayors having minimum qualifications of A level, Magyezi said they are waiting for President Museveni to assent to the Bill which was passed by Parliament in March.

“The Bill for qualifications of Councillors, we are waiting for presidential assent,” he said.

In March 2020, Parliament passed Clause 6 of Local Government Act amendment Bill 2019 initiating A level as minimum qualifications for those that will be vying for seats of Municipality Mayors, Division Mayors and Town Clerk Chairpersons across the country.

The proposal to impose minimum qualifications on Mayors and Town Clerk L3 Chairpersons was made by Kasilo county MP Elijah Okupa.

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