‘Stop Pulling Each Other Down,’ Women Urged

The Executive Director Uganda Women’s Network [UWONET]- Rita Aciro Lakor has urged women in leadership positions to stop fighting amongst themselves and pulling themselves down.

‘’We need to work together in caucuses rather than fighting one another,’’ said Lakor.

Ms. Lakor says women holding high offices can’t afford to be fighting one another, given the challenges they face as a group.

‘’We are building a strong women’s network and that’s why we need to support one another and mentor younger women,’’ she added.

Ms. Lakor while addressing women leaders from Acholi sub-region said women in leadership positions need to find ways of resolving their differences.

According to Doreen Lakumekech, the Lamwo District Vice Chairperson, fighting amongst women is usually fueled by greed for power.

“But after much sensitization, women leaders are now becoming more united to fight Gender imbalances in positions of leaderships,” she said.

Lakumekech on the other hand, called for women emancipation to be driven down to the grassroots where majority of the women.


More rural women, she says, need to be encouraged to get involved in elective politics and positions of authority.

In November 2018, while at a women’s leadership meeting in Iceland, the speaker of Parliament , Rebecca Kadaga,  called on organizations advancing  women empowerment in Uganda, to change the scope of outreach to their intended beneficiaries so as to effectively serve them.

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