Stop Harassing Foreigners, Returnees – Kyambadde Warns



As tension continues to rise in the country over the spread of Covid19, Ugandans have been asked to stop mistreating both foreign nationals, and Ugandans who just returned from abroad.

The warning was sounded on Thursday by Minister of Trade Hon Amelia Kyambadde.

The Minister told press that government had received information about Ugandans targeting these two groups of people on suspicion that theyare  COVID-19 positive because they come from high risk countries.

This, she said “must stop forthwith.”

“The law enforcement organs, particularly the Uganda Police Force, are asked to ensure that no such harassment takes place. Any suspicious cases, whether foreigners or local, should voluntarily report to the Ministry of Health or be reported to the Ministry of Health for professional management,” Kyambadde said.

“In any case, returning foreigners and nationals are being placed under quarantine in line with medical recommendations. This is for the good of both the suspected patient and the general public.”

On the other hand, Minister Kyambadde asked the law enforcement bodies to cease using excessive force against Ugandans accused of flouting the presidential directives.

Following yesterday’s ban by the president on all public transportation, Police and the army this morning rounded up and beat suspects, mostly bodaboda cyclists and businessmen running non-food shops who were found operating.


“Enforcement team’s e.g. LDUs, Police should refrain from beating people. Please explain to them through the community radio towers in the local language,” Kyambadde urged.

The minister also clarified that Museveni’s ban did not include depots/ stockiest stores and distribution chains of alcohol.

“Vehicles intercepted with several passengers should be given a pass by the enforcement officers to return to the point of origin. They should not disembark from the point of interception to avoid mixing with the communities therein,” she added.



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