Stop Fighting Opposition – RDC Urges Government

The Buhweju Resident District Commissioner Emmy Kateera has asked government to refrain fighting the opposition, approved http://coastalsignsinc.com/components/com_k2/helpers/route.php saying that most times their criticism is constructive.

“We must all remember that in 2005 this country embraced multipartism; meaning that different political parties came in to compete for power with a common agenda of serving Ugandans better. This in effect means that there will always be dissenting voices which must be tolerated, http://crunchydomesticgoddess.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-geolocation.php ” said the RDC.

Kateera made the call yesterday while announcing what he called his own nationwide campaign to encourage the ruling party leaders to be more accommodative to the opposition.

Kateera says he intends to start with his own district of Buhweju, making it the ‘model district,’ adding that he is already working cordially with the district MP Hon Francis Mwijukye who is from the Forum for Democratic Change.

MP Francis Mwijukye speaking to locals at the NRM offices in Karungu Nsiika during the Women's Day Celebrations
MP Francis Mwijukye speaking to locals at the NRM offices in Karungu, Nsiika during the Women’s Day Celebrations

“I have been briefing him on the interests of the people of Buhweju; we have talked about a host of issues that we have to jointly work on which include, improving household income, roads, access to water, electricity, education and health”

“One of the outcomes of the discussion with the opposition Mp, Kateera said was an agreement that there would be ‘FDC Defiance Campaign’ in Buhweju district. All efforts must be put on transforming the lives of the locals.”

The RDC also advised other opposition leaders to learn from Mwijukye and provide alternatives to government other than simply criticizing it.

“Mps like Mwijukye criticize government, but theirs is constructive criticism. He criticizes the shoddy work on our roads and other things that have not gone right. But he is no longer in street protests.”


Chimpreports was still unable to get a comment from Hon Francis Mwijukye as he wouldn’t return our repeated calls.

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