Stop Bringing Artists Hated by the Public on Stage – Police Tells Music Promoters

Following recent incidents in which some local musicians have been attacked by the public while performing on stage, police has come out and advised event organizers and music promoters on ways to stop such scenarios from happening again.

Police, who are currently investigating some of these attack incidents; today told promoters to temporarily stop staging concerts with some artists whom they know are not liked by the public.

“It is very easy as an organizer; if you’re planning an event, carry out research and find out who are the entertainers that you want to come to your event so that you don’t go into issues of disorder and hooliganism where by people start hurling plastic bottles and chairs,” said Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson on Monday.

Enanga says they the Police has decided to issue this timely warning at the beginning of the year so that sanctions can be taken against an organiser or a promoter of an event who fails to address acts of hooliganism and disorderliness during the event.

Some of the artists that have suffered attack while performing recently include, Singers Catherine Kusasira, Moses Ssali (Bebe Cool) and Jennifer Nakanguubi  also known as Full Figure.

Enanga says the public order management law requires in such entertainment events, the organizers must come with specific management plans which indicate how they are going to manage and regulate crowd behaviour probably by employing enough stewards, ushers and private security staff, managing the traffic flow and its potential on local amenities and the community in the neighborhood, countering all forms of narcotic and alcoholic abuse during the event.

This, he says, would help in identifying risks and hazards that can arise during the event and appropriate plans in case of emergencies and safe evacuations.


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