Stiff Data Competition Among Telcos: Who is Cheaper?

Data wars among telecoms today have become a reality. To avoid turning into nightmares, these companies have exhausted all possible resources to appeal to their digital addicted customers.

Though subtle in the beginning, with time one can easily tell which telecommunication company is duping the customers with misinformation and which one is not delivering.

As it is there accusations that certain players are using unethical practices to discredit competitors and insiders say the concerns have reached the regulator Uganda Communication Commission (UCC).

Surprising findings of who has cheaper rates, who charges what and for how long, were discovered so as to enlighten the ordinary internet user.

According to statistics, MTN has the cheapest mobile daily data bundle, it offers more volume (25MB) for the price of 500/, MTN also offers the biggest mobile daily data bundle (60MB) at only 1,000/- and has the cheapest mobile data 1GB NightShift bundle in Uganda.

When asked, technology experts say that those fixated to social bundles will actually get more value from daily bundles which allow you access to the entire resources of the internet.

Experts caution customers to learn to manage the use of their smart phones so that they can maximize on its ability.

Things that ‘eat’ data may actually be background apps, auto download especially for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and unused apps which have nothing to do with the network!

Regardless of the data rates, customers are urged to choose a network that meets their needs especially on reliability, speed and coverage so that they can maximize on your experience.

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