Stella Nyanzi Has Case to Answer – Court Rules

Buganda Road grade one magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu has ruled that former Makerere University Academician Dr Stella Nyanzi has a case to answer

Nyanzi is charged with offensive communication and Cyber Harassment, arising from her social media posts in which she attacked the family of President Yoweri Museveni.

In her ruling, the magistrate said she listened carefully to the lengthy testimony by the three prosecution witnesses, who testified in court, and deduced that there were issues that Nyanzi needed to defend herself on.

” I have been able to look through the printed Facebook post as well as the actual post which was posted on the Facebook Page Stella Nyanzi and the fact that it’s alleged to have been authored by the accused,” the magistrate ruled.

“A Prema facie case was made against the accused and it’s proper for court to grant her a chance to defend herself.”

However, Kamasanyu said this doesn’t mean that Nyanzi has been convicted because court has not yet heard her side on the matter

“I am aware that at this stage the standard of proof is not proved beyond reasonable doubt”

Nyanzi Through her lawyers of Isaac Ssemakadde and Derrick Bazzeketta informed court that she intends to produce in court 5 to 7 defense witnesses.


Defense Counsels had asked court to provide them with partial court records containing the evidence of the prosecution witnesses to help them in their defense but the magistrate declined to grant this request

Defense hearing of this matter will commence on 26th June 2019

The prosecution produced three witnesses who included Police officers Bill Ndyamuhaki, a CID officer attached to Kibuli CID headquarters, Dalton Oponya from Anti-Pornography committee and Detective Kenyana Harriet from CID Media Crimes division at Kibuli

Prosecution contends that on 16th September last year in Kampala, Nyanzi used a computer to post vulgar messages on her Facebook wall disturbing the peace of president Museveni and his late mother Esteri Kokundeka

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