Stay Away From Drugs-Major Lazer Caution Ugandan Artistes

Drugs like Opium, Cocaine and more are what usually define many famous artists as they believe they earn their respect by using them, not knowing that they are putting their health at risk.

Their fans on the other side like seeing them that way hence, encouraging them to use them the more.

That is not the case with American Electronic Dance Music (EDM) trio Major Lazer as they cautioned Ugandan artistes to stay away from drugs.

Major Lazer comprised of Diplo and DJs Jillionaire and Walshy Fire said this on Monday evening at the Kampala Sheraton gardens, where they were performing at the Club Sound System concert.

It was mostly Walshy Fire who kept cautioning Ugandan artistes and the fans alike to stay away from drugs and smoking.

He emphasized that happiness cannot be got from drugs and that beauty is being proud of your skin and never disrupting it with chemicals so as to look smooth.

Bobi Wine has been associated with Marijuana in the past, Major Lazer warned against such drugs

Walshy urged African girls to always love their natural skin as they are very beautiful that any other women in the World, he encouraged them to embrace their good looking skin and avoid looking for diseases in the process of bleaching.

“If you never use harmful drugs, say never, if you love your skin and don’t bleach, say never. If you are happily here and do not use drugs, say never,” said Walshy Fire.


The EDM/Reggae stars also expressed their love for Uganda and its Citizens as they were overheard mentioning the same word time after “we Love you, we love you, we love you Uganda and Africa as a whole, be proud to be Ugandans, Africans.”

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