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State Withdraws Charges Against Lukwago, Besigye

Chris Mubiru listening to Pastor Male’s testimony today at Buganda Road Court
Pastor Solomon Male, website a long serving Evangelist and an activist against Homosexuality has testified in the on-going sodomy case against former SC Villa Coach, information pills Chris Mubiru.


Appearing before Buganda Road Magistrate, Lillian Buchana, Pastor Male said that he got to know about Chris Mubiru’s sodomy antics in 2004 at a crusade he had organized in Namungoona when some of his (Mubiru’s) sodomy victims turned up among the congregation.


“It was after the fellowship in Namungoona that I met a young man called John Semakula who intimated to me that his younger brother, one Emma Magala had been sodomised by Mubiru’s brother, Pastor Grace Kitaka,” said Male.


Adding that the young man told him that Mubiru had sodomised a number of people especially footballers at SC Villa at that time, “These young boys feared Mubiru to know that they had leaked his secrets due to the fact that he was strongly connected in Police and the Army citing that Bombo Army Barracks is situated on his land.”



Pastor Male added that in 2006 he met two other young boys by the names of Emma Magala and Julius Lukyamuzi who had heard him over the radio talking of the rot in the Church and later narrated how Grace Kitaka had sodomised them and even said that they had medical evidence.


Male adds that in 2008, he met John Oundo, another sodomite, “Later on while in Mulago hospital serving our community service punishment, I met another young man who told me that he had evidence that could be used in pin Mubiru for sodomy but due to the fear he had towards Mubiru, he requested me to keep the information confidential”


Male further informed court that the same young man who had promised to bring him documented evidence about Mubiru had a brother who was sodomised after being promised sponsorship and foreign trips by Mubiru.


On handing over the soft copy videos to me, the young man told me that he wanted justice to prevail in this case so that Mubiru can pay for the evil acts he did to his brother.


Male informed court that on receiving these videos he informed the young man to go and report to Police but since he didn’t have trust in the Police he advised him to take the video to the Red pepper, which he did and Mubiru was exposed.


Male said that this is when he met yet another victim; Emmanuel Nyanzi who informed him that he was connected to Mubiru by his close friend at one of Kampala’s eating points in town.


He adds that Nyanzi later went to Mubiru’s home in Bulange were he drunk and lost control, after regaining his senses he noticed that too much blood was coming out from his behind and realized that he had been sodomised“


“Immediately the RedPepper exposed Mubiru, I got a call from the Head of Interpol, ‘Afande’ Kasingye informing me that he had fled the country,” Male said.


“From the photos and the videos which I have brought to this court as part of the evidence to pin Mubiru, I witnessed Mubiru sodomising young boys as if he was riding a bicycle,” Male concluded


Magistrate Lilian Buchana adjourned the case until 21st August when more state witnesses will be brought to testify against Mubiru

The state has withdrawn the cases in which Dr. Kizza Besigye and the Lord Mayor, tadalafil Erias Lukwago were charged with holding a meeting under a banned pressure group, case 4GC.

While the case was scheduled to resume on Thursday, prosecutor, Lino Anguzo, informed Buganda Road Magistrate, Isanyu Mukasa that the state had withdrawn the charges against the duo.

Lukwago has described the move as part of government’s plan to prevent this case from setting a precedent which would be used to save other suffering Ugandans who are charged in court after being tortured and detained for more than the mandatory 28 hours.

“The state has decided to withdraw this case after accomplishing their deal of destabilizing us. The case was brought up at a time when government was planning to impeach me as Mayor of Kampala,” said Lukwago

Lukwago adds that they are not going to relax until they get redress from the Constitutional Court to decide, “If it’s constitutional to Torture a suspect or to detain him for more than forty eight hours without producing him in court. The law states that once it’s done on a suspect and he is later brought to court the charges against him cannot stand.”

Lukwago further adds that they are not going to take this matter for granted.

“We will seek compensation from the state for the time wasted and for the mistreatment we were subjected to while in Police custody.”

Besigye and Lukwago were arrested for holding a meeting on July 19, 2013 under ‘For God and my country’, a pressure group which that had been declared unlawful.

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