State House Cook Mujuni Joins Parliamentary Race

President Yoweri Museveni’s chef, Vanance Monday Mujuni has declared intentions to unseat the Kinkiizi West MP James Ruggi Kaberuka in the forthcoming elections.

Mujuni joins eight others that already have eyes on the Kinkiizi seat.

The incumbent, Hon Kaberuka in 2016 replaced former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

Other people interested in this seat include Gregory Mugabe the Chairman Kayonza Growers Tea Factory, Dixon Ampumuza Kagurusi, Julius Mbabazi and Albert Benjamin Bakakugyema, all of who lost to the incumbent Hon Kaberuka in the 2015 NRM primary.

Others are Brian Atuheire of the Forum for Democratic Change, Ivan Rwakabogo and Nicholas Muhiire who are contesting on the UPC ticket and new comer and little known Kahinda Adon who is also contesting on the NRM ticket.

Mujuni says his driving force is a desire to put in practice what President Yoweri Museveni has been preaching which is hinged on poverty alleviation by improving household incomes and creating self-employment.

“I have lived with the President for quite a long time and have grasped well his massage of transforming Uganda from a peasantry state to a commercial state where households are involved in own income generating projects, and that is what I will focus on once in position of leadership” Mujuni said.

He also said that as a legislator, he will work closely with the Local Governments to ensure that district and Sub county revenues are increased and this translates into structural development.


“Mine is structural and holistic approach to development by incorporating informal business sector like brick making, piggery and Bodaboda into formal flourishing businesses because they create many employment opportunities which contribute to household incomes.

Mujuni who is not shy to talk about his close association with the First Family said that once in Parliament, he will use his vast experience and connection to lobby for development for Kinkizi West and Kanungu District in general and fill exisiting gaps in education, health, water, infrastructure and also tackle environment issues all which feed into structural development.

“During my tenure at State House, I have gained international and diplomatic exposure which gives me an upper hand in lobbying from the Central Government and Donor community so that Kinkizi West and Kanungu District benefit greatly”


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