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State Fires Back on Sejusa Aide Torture Claims

Members of Parliament have asked the government to lay before the House, view constitutional amendments that are required before the general elections in 2016.

Opposition say a new Electoral Commission (EC) should be established and a complete overhaul and review of existing technical staff returning and presiding officers be undertaken.

They want the new EC to be selected by a body called the National Consultation comprising of all stakeholders, information pills following a process of open application, public hearings and scrutiny.

The issue was raised by Dokolo Woman Representative, Hon. Cecilia Ogwal during Prime Minister’s Question Time during the Parliamentary sitting on Wednesday.

Hon. Cecilia Ogwal said that Parliament through the Speaker had sought that these amendments are presented to the House since the beginning of this session in vain.

“Madam Speaker, you have asked for these amendments but the Executive does not seem to be bothered. Prime Minister, when are the constitutional amendments coming before the House,” she said.

The Speaker, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga also weighed in and demanded that the Premier informs the Members about the introduction of these amendments.

“I have been asked you before about when you will present the amendments for First Reading,” the Speaker told the Prime Minister.


The Prime Minister and Leader of Government Business, Rt. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda said that Cabinet is in the final stages of handling the amendments but noted that the Attorney-General who is spearheading the process was out of the country.

“The Attorney General is leading a team which is in London handling the cases in the oil sector. Since he is the head of the sector on these reforms, it is right and prudent that we wait for his input before we come before the House”, Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda stated.

According to the proposals, a new EC should compile a new, clean and verifiable voters’ register which should include eligible Ugandans in the Diaspora and that this must be done in a transparent and accurate manner, and not based on the ongoing National Identity card project.

The opposition say the voters’ register should be accessible to all as a public document that can be inspected at no cost, adding, the military should have no involvement whatsoever in the electoral process.

The proposed reforms include a provision whereby law and order during elections shall exclusively be the responsibility of the Uganda Police Force under supervision of the EC and that “Police and military should vote in regular polling stations, and must not bear arms or wear uniforms during the process.”


In a statement to Chimpreports recently, Presidency Minister, Frank Tumwebaze said opposition groups led mainly by Dr Kizza Besigye are using the “electoral reforms” as one of the scapegoats to cover up their “their glaring political weaknesses.”

“They (opposition) are vigorously trading in the so called electoral reforms campaign. Ideally that would mean that they have a set of proposals suggesting either policy or legal reforms. And these would be specific with clear justifications for the different mandated arms of government to look at and consider. Unfortunately these so called reforms are not anywhere articulated,” said Tumwebaze.

“It’s all about one and only one obsession of theirs: Museveni and Museveni nothing else. To them electoral reform means removing Museveni. One wonders whether beyond their anti-Museveni agenda, they have anything else crucial to offer to Uganda’s development trajectory. This eventually renders their whole crusade illogical,” the Minister added.

Tumwebaze said the opposition insists on disbanding the Electoral Commission yet they know the body was created by the Constitution and appointed with the approval of parliament.
The State has asked the Military Court Martial sitting at Makindye in Kampala to nullify claims by one of Gen David Sejusa’s aides that he was tortured before implicating the embattled former coordinator of intelligence organs in acts of subversion.

Frank Ninsiima, visit this site who is facing charges of treachery, price aiding and abetting treason, doctor recently told court that during the process of his arrest he was tortured and threatened with possible murder by security operatives who later forced him to sign a false statement reading that he had worked closely with Sejusa to overthrow President Museveni’s government.

“I was put on gun point and told that once I rejected signing the statement, I would be killed and my relatives were not going to have access to my body. I went ahead and signed, well aware that an opportunity would come where I would change the statement in court,” he said.

Ninsiima identified the person who reportedly forced him to sign as Capt Albert Kashakamba, who he said he had never held a grudge with.

In reply to the claims, state prosecutor Maj Fredrick Kangwamu on Wednesday asked court to dismiss these allegations as “baseless” and “totally untrue.”

“If Ninsiima was tortured he would have shown court the wounds and scars on his body resulting from the severe treatment he claimed to have received during his detention and failure to do this is a clear sign that he is lying to court,” said Kangwamu.

Kangwamu further said Ninsiima is “contemptuous of court” considering the information he denies is contained in his first official testimony to court during his early days of trial.

Ninsiima had earlier told the same court how he was actively mobilising with Sejusa to recruit combatants to remove Museveni from power.

The general court martial Chairman Brig Gen Levi Karuhanga adjourned the case to March 16 for the defence side to file a rejoinder on this matter.

Sejusa fled Uganda to exile in 2013 after reportedly leaking his own classified security letter, calling for an investigation into reports that army officers and government officials opposed to Museveni’s perceived succession plan were being targeted for assassination.

Government denied the claims as “alarmist” and “groundless”.

Sejusa has since asked to be retired from the army to pursue his political dreams.

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