State Asks Court to Reinstate Case Against Critical Writer Kakwenza

State Prosecution has asked court to reinstate case against the Greedy Barbarian author, Kakwenza Rukirabashaija.

The Senior State Prosecutor of Iganga, Beatrice Owor said in the letter to the Iganga Trial Magistrate that the State is now ready to prosecute Kakwenza over the case dismissed in August 2020 over lack of evidence.

Kakwenza was arrested at his home in Iganga District, Kigulu County, on Monday 13th April 2020 and held at unknown locations for one week.

On the 8th day he was arraigned before the Iganga Magistrates court and charged with ‘doing an act likely to spread the infection of disease [C19], Section 171 of the Penal Code Act, Cap 120.’

State claimed Kakwenza risked the lives of people using his iPad and Facebook.

“The accused unlawfully/negligently posted messages on his Facebook account mobilizing the public against complying with directives and public health guidelines issued to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and knowing or having reason to believe that such actions would lead to further spread of COVID-19, a disease dangerous to human life,” said part of the charge. The trial magistrate dismissed the case on August 25, 2020.


Prosecution now say witnesses to the case, who were previously constrained by lockdown, are now ready to testify against Kakwenza.


“Your Worship, we are now ready to proceed since witnesses are now ready to come and testify after the Government partially lifting lockdown. We humbly pray the case be reinstated so as we can prosecute,” said Ms. Owor.

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