State Agrees Not to Bring More Evidence in Isiko Case

State Prosecution in the case where YMCA student Brian Isiko is accused of sending love messages to Kabarole Woman MP Hon Sylivia Rwabwogo, has agreed not to bring in fresh evidence in the hearing of this matter before Buganda Road chief magistrates court.

This case was referred to High Court judge Jane Francis Abodo to make an interpretation on whether or not it is applicable to bring in more evidence than that on file.

Appearing at the high court today, State Attorney Nelly Asiku agreed that being that the retrial of this case in the lower court has boundaries, his team will not bring in more witnesses.

On his part, Isiko’s lawyer Ramathan Waiswa expressed concern that this case had badly affected his client’s affected his school time table and his finances.

“As a lawyer, I am on duty but my client spends a lot of money in paying legal fees for this case,” Waiswa said

The judge has set the 25th March as the date at which she will deliver her ruling in the matter.

In December last year Buganda road grade one magistrate Stella Amabirisi referred back to High court this file to pronounce its self whether its not against procedure for the prosecution to add in more evidence in this matter as the prosecution at lower court had requested

Last year, High court judge Jane Francis Abodo quashed both the 2 years sentence and conviction of Brian Isiko as it had been decided by Buganda road grade one magistrate and ordered for a fresh trial before another magistrate


In october 2018 Isiko was charged afresh before grade one magistrate Stella Amabirisi and later released on a cash bail of one million shillings.

Isiko is indicted with two counts of computer misuse and cyber harassment, which he denies.

Prosecution accuses Isiko of disturbing the peace of the legislator when he allegedly sent endless love messages to her.


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