Stand for President in 2023, Ntungamo Leaders tell Museveni

President Museveni has been asked to stand for again for the highest political seat in the land, Chimp Corps report.

Born in 1944, Museveni will clock 79 years at the expiry of his extended term in 2023.

Despite calls from activists and opposition to step down after serving his last term, Museveni supported efforts to amend the Presidential Age limit clause in the Constitution.

This allows him to contest for president even beyond the age of 75.

Interestingly, some sections of the public have already started appealing to him to contest for president.

This happened on Monday in Ruhaama County, Ntungamo District where Museveni and First Lady Janet attended NRM victory celebrations for the new area MP Hon Moses Kahima.

Later the President was gifted with a spear, shield and stool from Ruhaama elders – symbols of power.

The speakers asked him to “contest for the presidency in 2023,” praising the head-of-state for the transformation of the country.


This could attract considerable resistance from the opposition which accuses the president of not doing enough to stop corruption and end poverty and illiteracy.

Ntungamo is considered an NRM stronghold as it’s the birthplace of Museveni and First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Janet Museveni.

Janet also is the Ntungamo District NRM Chairperson.

On his part, Museveni said choosing an active and constructive leader in politics, means promoting development.

“When Ruhaama County was being led by the opposition, there was no development not until Maama Janet Museveni came to represent you as an MP that you started receiving government services – electricity, tarmac roads, schools and health facilities,” said Museveni.

“This is because Mama Janet Museveni had in mind a commitment for national development,” he added

The President used the occasion to announce a pledge of 400 corrugated roofing iron sheets and other building materials for Kahiija Primary School.

Janet Museveni thanked Ruhaama County electorate and NRM leaders for being open, transparent and for their overwhelming support to the NRM Party.

“With the support of the new MP Kahima, Ruhaama and Ntungamo District will prosper,” she noted.

She added that Ruhaama County should be nurtured as a model for development for others to learn from.

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