Stand against Domestic Violence – Nabakooba Tells Men

The Minister of ICT and National Guidance Judith Nabakooba has called on men to stand against domestic violence especially during the current COVID-19 lockdown when domestic violence cases are on the rise.

It’s about 80 days now from the time President Museveni announced a lockdown on March 18 in a bid to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

During this period, the country has been registering an increase in cases of domestic violence with a number of cases being fatal and resulting in death. Speaking to reporters at the Ministry headquarters in Kampala on Saturday, Nabakooba said any form of injury as a result of domestic violence is unacceptable.

“The loss of life or any form of injury as a result of domestic violence is regrettable and unacceptable. I want to use today’s occasion to remind us all that there should never be any justifiable excuse for domestic violence or Gender-Based Violence of any form,” said Nabakooba.

She added that disruptions brought by COVID-19 have affected both men and women and therefore should not provide excuses for turning against each other.

Violence against women, she said, is men’s issue because it’s men’s wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, friends whose lives are limited by violence and abuse.

“It’s men’s issue because as community leaders and decision-makers, men can play a key role in helping stop violence against women, men can speak out and step in when male friends and relatives insult or attack women. Men can decide to avoid personal use of violence against women,” she asserted.


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