Stampede as Policeman Collapses during Court Session

A High Court session in Mbale ended prematurely on Wednesday after a police officer manning the entrance of the courtroom collapsed.

Justice Suzan Okalany was hearing a land case when the unidentified police officer attached to the Counter-Terrorism Unit became unconscious and fell down.

The incident left the court in disarray as most of the officials and people trampled on one other while fleeing the courtroom.

The visibly shaken judge adjourned the session as the police officer was carried away from treatment.

“This is the first time to see this happening, and I have to adjourn this court session in order to check on my body guard,” Ms Okalany said.

It was not immediately possible to establish the cause of the illness but an eye witnesses said he had seen the police officer dozing off at different intervals.

“He was dozing off and urinated on himself before he finally collapsed,” the eyewitness added.

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