St Peters Nyarushanje Students Strike Over Abusive Teacher

Over 300 students of St. Peters Nyarushanje Secondary in Rukungiri district have been sent home and the school closed following a violent strike that led to the destruction of school property valued at 15 million shillings.

On Wednesday, diagnosis the students  went on rampage and slaughtered eight goats from the school farm, advice sold the meat in Nyarushanje trading center before they started destroying school property.

Trouble begun with complaints about one teacher identified only as Matthias, who the students accused of beating them in prep studies and coming to class while drunk .

The students said they made several complaints to the head teacher but he was unresponsive. On the day of the strike, the students chased the teacher to beat him up but when they failed to catch him, they decided to turn to to vandalism.


Justus Twinamatsiko Rukungiri OC/CIID says that six students who are believed to be the ring leaders have been arrested to assist police in the investigation.


Narisicio Ziine the head teacher says that the board of governors of the school is to sit and decide the fate of the school.

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