Ssingo Risks Ban After Outré Masaza Cup Display

Butambala Ssaza team defeated Ssingo 2-0 in the final game of the Butikkiro group which was abandoned after 54 minutes of play on Monday evening at FUFA Technical Center, Njeru.

With nine minutes into restart, center referee Vicent Kavuma prematurely ended the game following Ssingo’s failure to raise the minimum number of players required for the match.

Even before the game could kickoff, Ssingo only had nine players on the pitch following the suspension of Eria Bukenya and Joseph Ssempijja (two-year ban each) who had violated the rules and regulations of the camp.

Midway through the match, Ssingo was reduced to eight players after goalkeeper Fred Ntege was stretchered off after sustaining an injury as left back Rogers Masembe took his spot in goal.

On the 54th minute mark, the two-time champions suffered another blow when two more players limped off and the squad was reduced to six player which necessitated abandonment.

According to Law 3 of the FIFA Laws of Game, it states that,

“Each team should compose of eleven (11) players where one of them must be the goalkeeper at any given time. When there are fewer than 7 players, the game will not start nor continue. Even if the original players were 11, the number can go down during the game.”

The Masaza Cup organizing committee later slapped Ssingo with a fine of One million shillings (Shs 1,000,000) or else face a one-year ban from the tournament.


Butambala finishedl third on five points while Buluuli and Ssingo came 4th and 5th on two and one points respectively.

Earlier in the afternoon, defending champions Bulemeezi and Mawogola played to a goalless draw as both assumed the top two positions with eight points each to progress to the quarter-finals.

The Masaza Cup tournament will take a one week break and resume after Christmas on Monday, December 28, 2020 with the Bulange group.

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