Sejusa: Gov’t is Planning to Arrest Me

President Yoweri Museveni has advised the youth of Kiruhuura district in particular and Uganda in general to fear God and work hard for a successful future.

“The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, visit web ” he counseled.

The President, link accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Janet Museveni, was Thursday attending New Year prayers at Nshwere Church of Uganda in North Ankole Diocese, Kiruhura district.

Mr. Museveni advised the youth to attain education, especially in skills, to enable them engage in entrepreneur ventures.

He also urged parents to counsel their children on the disadvantages of early marriages that are not only detrimental to their health and future but can also lead them to contracting deadly diseases like the HIV/AIDS scourge.

President Museveni further advised the youth to avoid alcohol that, he observed, is one of the major causes of poverty in families. He asked the congregation to embrace the new programme overseen by Army Officers who are distributing planting and breading materials to wanainchi throughout the country.

The wife of the President, Mrs. Janet Museveni, who was instrumental in the construction of Nshwere Churh of Uganda, asked Christians to pray for families of those who contributed in the building of the church. She also urged Christians to work hard for the development of their families.

The Acting Dean of Nshwere Archdeaconry, Rev. Emmanuel Twesigye Katamunanwire, appealed to all Ugandans to abandon their evil deeds of the old year 2014 and reform in the New Year of 2015 for the development of the country.


He thanked President and his wife for finding time in their busy schedules to attend prayers in his Church.

The President later contributed Shs30 million to the Church Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO).
Former spymaster and coordinator of intelligence organs Gen.David Sejusa has revealed that government has hatched plans to have him arrested but stressed that he can’t be intimidated and weakened by anything.

Addressing journalists at his city home in Naguru on Thursday, recipe Sejusa said that through his lawyers led by Ladislaus Rwakafuzi, information pills he got to know of the plans but warned that there is nothing strange in arresting him.

“I have been in exile for 2 years and in fact life there can be compared to a prison. If they decide to arrest me, viagra order I have no problem with it but I won’t cut any political deals with any one from government,”Sejusa said.

“Someone who commanded war at 24 and overrun battalions, rose through the ranks to where I am now, I am not here for jokes and as long as I have shown my side, I am not afraid of anything and I won’t run away.”

According to the former spymaster, the President through his lawyers had contacted him for a meeting scheduled for tomorrow Friday at  Rwakitura but stressed that he won’t attend the meeting with the commander in chief of the UPDF.

“Meeting the president is not like going to a hotel to meet an ordinary person. The reasons for keeping away in exile either voluntarily or forcefully have to be solved .Having been away for 2 years means am a defector from the army .Now that I defected from the army, in what capacity am I going to meet the commander in chief ? While in exile 3 hit men from government agencies wanted to eliminate me from the streets of London and all those issues have to be solved,” Sejusa stressed.

“I know this time round it is not going to be business as usual but serious issues and they can solve it either by use of power, prison, arrest or any other way they want but I won’t reconcile neither will I apologize.”

Sejusa Demands for Retirement

The former coordinator of intelligence organs further admitted that he has written to the UPDF Commissions Board seeking for retirement from the army having served the institution for 34 years.

“The last time I tried to leave the army in 1996, they said I had followed a wrong procedure .I have served for a 34 years from the Uganda police, 5 years in the bush and then after the liberation war in commanding and staff duties.”

“I was born in 1954 and this is the time to do my own things. I didn’t go to the bush because I was looking for a job but it was an ideological calling. It would therefore be a mistake to try closing out that idea yet I have sacrificed myself for the country for the last 34 years. It should therefore not surprise people because I have a right to pursue what I want, ”the former spymaster fumed.

The former coordinator of intelligence organs further questioned the reason for his continued stay in the army stressing that the President forced Gen.Salim Saleh to retire due to indiscipline which he said should be the same approach to  him for absconding from duty for almost 2 years while in exile.

Sejusa returned from London last month where he had been in exile for more than a year after fleeing the country in 2013 after doctoring a document in which he alleged that all army officers who were against what he termed as ‘Muhoozi project’ would be terminated.

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