Spy Drone Sent to MP Nabilah’s House

Kitagwenda County MP Nulu Byamukama who recently lost the NRM primaries has publicly announced joining Amama Mbabazi’s Go Forward camp.

Nulu said he believes in a change of the current leadership, prescription a reason he will move with Mbabazi in the entire western Uganda to popularise his candidature.

“I still love president Museveni but I need NRM which is going forward, pills ” said Byamukama, information pills whose radio station, Endigyito, was recently shut down by Uganda Communications Communication for nonpayment of fees amounting to Shs 38m.

Addressing the people of Ibanda on Sunday, Byamukama denied reports that he was yet to pay dues to UCC, saying his troubles emanated from hosting Mbabazi on Endigyito.

UCC boss Godfrey Mutabazi responded: “They shouldn’t lie to you; we closed them down because they were not paying us.”

MP Byamukama addressing a rally with Mbabazi in Ibanda on Sunday
MP Byamukama addressing a rally with Mbabazi in Ibanda on Sunday

In October last year, the UCC, published a list of radio stations in the country that had not renewed their annual broadcasting licenses, or paid the requisite license and spectrum fees, which is in contravention of Section 27 and 43 of the UCC Act.

The stations were given fourteen days to clear their dues or face the consequences.

In text conversation between Byamukama and Eng Mutabazi, the former pleaded to have his station reopened for business, saying that he had just paid the entire debt.


“Sir, I have paid cash 38m. And I beg that u put my radio back. They a talking of renewing but the document needs time coz of tax clearance etc, you need to talk to them. Thanks sir,” he pleaded.

Meanwhile, speaking at Mbabazi’s rally in Ibanda, Byamukama said he does not need a government job to survive.

“We Bakiga, provided we have land, energy and hoe, we can dig and create more wealth again instead of relying on government salary,” he observed.

“I will work hard to start more radio stations because I am entitled to start businesses in Uganda,” warned Byamukama, adding, “I am ready to support Amama Mbabazi though I still love Museveni.”
Kampala Woman Member of Parliament Hon Nabila Naggayi Sempala has raised an alarm after an alleged drone was seen hovering over her house on Monday morning.

The Forum for Democratic Change politician revealed today that the flying object was noticed in the morning by members of her household.

“I thought that one of my neighbors was having their lawn mowed. After 30 minutes, viagra dosage a member of my household came to tell me that there was a strange machine going around the house, ” she said. “I came out, looked up and for sure, there was a drone hovering over every corner of my house!”

The legislator believes the machine was sent was sent by government to spy on her. She ranted, “What’s it with the drones in our compounds and intruding into our privacy? Is it legal? Where are the limits?”

The use of drone, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [UAVs] is relatively new in Uganda and there’s no legal framework guiding their usage especially for defense surveillance purposes. Government is however rapidly adapting this technology in other areas such as agriculture to enhance farmers’ output and food security. Drone technology has also been taken up in the media industry and in political campaigns.

The Kampala Woman parliamentarian said she was worried about “other people using technology to peek in our windows or hover over our yards.” “Mounting concerns about drones and privacy is a new phenomenon and I’ve just experienced it!”

She says she ordered her housemaid to throw stones at the drone in her compound to shoot it down. “That’s when it flew away.”

Contacted on the matter, the Kampala Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said the MP needed to report the matter to the nearest police station and prove that the drone was spying on her house.

“What we know is that there is an ongoing project of filming the entire Kampala city using a drone. It is possible that the machine was flying over her house and she interpreted is as being spied on” added the police mouthpiece.


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