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South Sudan: SPLA Launch Massive Attack on Rebels in Malakal

Presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi has left the Ruling NRM party headquarters in Kyaddondo without nomination forms he set out to pick on Thursday morning.

The former Prime Minister had a disagreement with the party’s Electoral Commission Chairman Dr Tanga Odoi, see http://cccnt.com.au/wp-admin/includes/class-plugin-upgrader-skin.php on the procedure of picking the forms.

Odoi informed him that in accordance with the party’s newly set regulations, payment of the nomination fees [Shs 20million] would have to precede the entire process.

Mbabazi however wanted the EC to avail him with the copy of the party regulations that would guide the nomination and primaries, so that he could study and understand it, which Odoi rejected as nonprocedural.

“You know I come from Makerere University. When you want to be enrolled there for a course, the first thing they show you is the bank,” Odoi said.

Mbabazi reiterated on the other hand, that he was willing to pay the nonrefundable 20million, but only after he is availed with the copy of the regulations.

Odoi promised to send back the regulations to the party’s executive organ CEC, to see if changes could be made to fit his demands.
Presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi has denied reports that his decision to rise and stand against President Museveni in the forthcoming elections was influenced by western powers.

When tasked to clarify on why he chose to speak to the western media including BBC and Voice of America immediately after declaring his presidential bid, viagra http://ccresourcecenter.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/slideshow.php the former Prime Minister said he can never be an agent of another individual or country.


“I am not an agent because they haven’t approached me. Mbabazi being an agent of another country in another country! That can never be, stuff http://costpricesupplements.com.au/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-autoupdate.php ” said Mbabazi.

“We are in a global world and can’t live without others but I cannot be an agent. I can be with them for the interest of Uganda,” Mbabazi said on Monday morning during a meeting with press at his residence in Kololo, Kampala.

The former leader of government business in Parliament promised to lobby for heavy investments in the country’s economy by both local and international investors to push the country to greater heights.

Mbabazi said he would deal with anyone be it from the East, West, North or South in a bid to make Uganda a better place, adding, he would try to ensure cooperation with all the neighbouring countries.

Mbabazi participated in the NRA struggle as the head of external wing that saw Museveni take power in 1986.

He has since served in high profile positions as Attorney General, Minister of Defence, Security and Prime Minister among others.

But NRM officials continue to question Mbabazi’s sincerity considering he never fully exploited his potential to further Ugandans’ aspirations.

His reign as Prime Minister and Security Minister were marked by a litany of corruption allegations which he vehemently denied.

Not Loyal to Anyone

The ex NRM Secretary General said he is not loyal to any individual be it in Uganda or abroad but rather the country and the party whose values he tries to uphold to the maximum standards.

“My loyalty is absolute but not to any individual but the people and constitution of the country. It’s to the NRM and the revolutionary values we fought for during the bush war,” Mbabazi added.

He stated that it’s high time President Museveni relinquished power in peace so as to facilitate a transition from the old generation to a young generation that would steer the country to greater heights.

Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze today said Mbabazi can only sound promising “if he presents a new menu on how to do things different” and that Ugandans have had enough of slogans.

“Amama has a choice. Either to sound different with new ideas or to join the usual chorus of change and agende,” said Tumwebaze.
Jovago, sildenafil http://chios.ro/wp-includes/class-wp-http-response.php an online hotel booking website that recently opened its offices in Uganda is set to launch officially in the country in August 2015.

The company that has changed the hotel booking experience in Africa by allowing users to compare prices and facilities of establishments quickly and in a secure manner also offers a best price guarantee so customers are confident they are receiving the best prices in the market.

With plans to open in Rwanda by the end 2015, http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-0a5c650e0ea6b13a22d5b17eba9cdeb1.php the company has physical presence in ten countries in Africa after recently opening offices in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Ghana.

For now the Uganda office is handling transactions for both Uganda and Rwanda

According to Estelle Verdier, M.D. Jovago East Africa, the company is delighted to support the growth of the tourism industry in Uganda thanks to the promotion of over 600 hotels countrywide.

“Uganda has enormous potential in terms of both business travels and tourism having been named by Lonely Planet as the best country to visit. With the growing access to smartphones and the quick adoption of mobile payment solutions, East Africa is a very promising region for the e-commerce industry. It will definitely benefit from a leapfrog effect with the adoption of e-commerce right from the mobile devices and not through desktops as in the Western world,” Verdier revealed.

Jovago is active in over 40 countries with over 25,000 hotels listed on the continent far ahead of other players in the sector. It has a goal of getting all hotels on the African continent online, no matter how remote and aim at promoting new destinations for business or vacation, and increase the traffic of travelers within Africa.
The South Sudan government forces, store http://csnn.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-language-pack-upgrader-skin.php SPLA on Sunday night launched heavy offensive attacks on the SPLA-IO rebels in the restive Upper Nile capital of Malakal whose control has changed hands over time.

The rebels under former Vice President, rx http://decoreatelier.com/wp-includes/rss-functions.php Dr. Riek Machar dislodged the government forces from the town on 27th June 2015 after strategically carrying out multiple attacks on SPLA positions in Malakal.

From Makal, seek the rebels headed direct to Akoka and were aiming at taking over Melut, Renk and the grand target was Paloich oil field, the hugely active field since the war broke out affecting the oil producing states of Unity and Upper Nile the most.

Recently, this website reported that the SPLA was reinforcing its positions and that the rebels would not make it beyond Akoka.

Indeed, last night SPLA amassed hundreds of soldiers ready for the takeover of the second oil richest town from the rebel forces.

Residents in the town said the rumbling of big guns continued till Monday morning.

“Fighting started late in the night up to this morning. We have been hearing heavy sounds from different positions,” a relief worker in Malakal town said on Monday morning.

It remains unclear who exactly is in control of the town that has so far changed hands five times, since both the government and rebels are claiming to be in control.

In Juba, President Salva Kiir’s aide, Gordon Buay said the government forces removed the rebels from the town by 7am on Monday.

“Our gallant forces this morning as early as 7am kicked out the rebel elements. We are grateful of the leadership of Gen. Malong (SPLA Chief of Staff) for making this happen. Soon we are clear the whole Upper Nile state,” said Mr Buay.

Meanwhile the rebel deputy spokesman, Dixon Gatluak told a number of local media houses that SPLA-IO still in control of Malakal though fighting was still ongoing.

In April a government army general, Johnson Olony who was heavily equipped to defend the town from Machar rebels who are headquartered in Upper Nile state, instead defected to SPLA-in opposition after disagreeing with governor, Simon Kuon.

Gen. Olony was only driven out of Malakal by heavy aerial bombardment but after a strong resistance that witnessed downing of a SPLA gunship.

Fighting between the SPLA and the rebels has now gone for one and half a year since the war broke out in December 2013.

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