Spice Diana Courts Trouble With Bathtub Video

Songbird Spice Diana is likely to find herself on the wrong side of the law after she allegedly leaked a video of hers enjoying a luxurious bath yesterday.

In the said video which has since gone viral, Spice filmed herself seated naked in a bathtub, enjoying a bath while chatting on Skype with a yet to be identified man.

Talking  in Luganda, Spice tells the man about how she enjoys luxurious baths and usually spends over an hour bathing.

However, Spice’s video contravenes the Anti-pornography Act and is likely to invoke the wrath of either Fr. Simon Lokodo or Dr. Annette Kezaabu, the chairperson of the recently instituted Pornography Control Committee.

This is because Spice’s video is likely to corrupt public morals since it includes content that is not palatable for public consumption, yet it is already circulating on social media.

However, we cannot publish Spice Diana’s video on this Website in order not to contravene the law.







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