Special Forces Given Mandate to Protect Ugandan Water Bodies

The elite Special Forces Command has been placed in charge of security for the major water bodies in the country.

Addressing journalists on Monday, cure the police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi said the mandate had been withdrawn from the Marine Police and handed to a stronger Special Forces Command, viagra dosage whose primary role is to provide security to the president.

“Recently there was a directive that the Special Forces Command should provide general security at the major water bodies through the country, “Kaweesi told a news conference on Monday.

The directive reportedly came from President Yoweri Museveni following allegations of corruption in the Marine Police

“Subsequently, we (police) will provide a supportive role to them (SFC) to see it is achieved effectively,” said the police mouthpiece.

The police mouthpiece also revealed that there has been a reshuffle of the marine police on all major water bodies for new police officers to be deployed.

He said that the exercise that started with Migingo is intended to take away officers cited in dubious activities for over staying on the waters.

“Those who have spent a long time will be removed from the waters and those supporting illegal activities will be taken for refresher courses before being redeployed.”

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