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Special Forces Break Silence on Osama’s Plan to Kill Museveni

The Special Forces Command (SFC), more about nurse an elite force of battle-hardened soldiers and war strategists has revealed it “will never ever take chances” with President Museveni’s life after classified documents released by United States showed that the East African nation’s leader was being targeted for assassination by Al Qaeda and its departed leader Osama Bin Laden.

According to U.S. news cable CNN, in a 10-page letter that bin Laden wrote in August 2010, information pills he had reams of advice for the al Qaeda-aligned group Al-Shabaab in Somalia, “ordering that the group not attack Sufi Muslims in Somalia and also suggesting a plan to assassinate the President of neighbouring Uganda who had sent his troops to fight Al-Shabaab.”

CNN was quoting newly released al Qaeda documents, including letters to and from Osama bin Laden in the year or so before his May 2011 death.

The new al Qaeda documents are part of a trove of many thousands that the SEALs recovered at bin Laden’s compound

Bin Laden also gave detailed notes about how Al-Shabaab could raise its agricultural output by using small dams for irrigation, and he suggested planting palm olive trees imported from Indonesia.

He also advised Al-Shabaab against cutting down too many trees because it is “dangerous for the environment of the region.” Bin Laden had lived in nearby Sudan in the mid-’90s, establishing a number of business and farming enterprises.

Osama Bin Laden was killed in May 2011
Osama Bin Laden was killed in May 2011

Special Forces Command speak out

SFC Spokesperson, Maj Chris Magezi told ChimpReports in an exclusive interview on Sunday that the force’s unit would “investigate this new intelligence the Americans are releasing.”


Asked whether SFC would be bothered by the reports considering that Osama is dead and Al Qaeda’s structures are crumbling, Magezi said, “whether Osama is around or not, we can’t afford to lower our guard.”

He said, “Though intelligence is useful, you have to be fully prepared for any eventuality at any time. You can’t tell where the threat will come from. You have to do your job thoroughly, brief your men well and fill in gaps which could be exploited to threaten the life of the president.”

The new revelations could see the president’s security tightened.

Uganda maintains forces in Somalia which was until recently a transit route for Al Qaeda militants and a training ground for radical Islamists.

Latest reports show that Somalia is relatively stable following joint military operations against Al Shabaab led by the Uganda armed forces.

It is thought Osama perceived President Museveni as a major stumbling block to Al Qaeda’s operations and the rise of militancy in the Great Lakes region.

Magezi confirmed our analysis, saying, the planned assassination “demonstrates the importance of the president in stabilising the region.

“The latest is Somalia. The UPDF with the support and guidance of President Museveni has participated in stabilisation missions in South Sudan, Eastern Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Somalia. Osama may be dead but the plot still may be on,” said Magezi.

In May 2011, U.S. Special Forces raided Osama’s hideout in Abottabad, Pakistan before slaying the most wanted man in the world blamed for the September 11, 2001 attacks in United Sates.

Magezi said SFC remains “vigilant and alert to ensure the president is protected. The threat many not necessarily come from Al Qaeda. It can come from anywhere so we can’t take chances.”

He concluded: “President Museveni’s role in stabilisation of the region has earned him more enemies as well as admirers. Those wrong elements he has always opposed can’t be his friends. We will not take any chances.”

Observers will argue that this is the first time in recent years that Museveni is dealing with an assassination conspiracy of such magnitude involving the deadliest terrorist group in the world.

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