Speaker Rebecca Kadaga Applauds Triplets Ghetto Kids

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has applauded the Triplets Ghetto kids Music Group after attending a function where they were performing.

The Ghetto Kids’ 30 minutes performance seemed to have won the Speaker’s heart.

She was moved by mostly the young kids who were lined to perform last after the first group had an exciting performance.

The young kids, after performing their popular hit ‘Mama Ye Mama’ song, opted to dancing to different tunes, a thing that moved everyone that they started clapping in appreciation.

Kadaga in her speech, praised the Ghetto Kids for their stunning performances that she never wanted to see come to an end.

“That was an amazing performance from such young talented kids; I never wanted to see them leave stage. I would have loved to remain here and enjoy these kids’ performances if not for other engagements which I equally have to attend,” said Kadaga.

The speaker went on to thank the kids for using their talents in entertaining crowds and promised to engage the kids in many of the upcoming events.

“I would love to know the leader or manager of those kids, especially the young ones so that we can engage them the more in exploring their talents, I would love them to attend some of the events coming up this November and many more next year.”


Triplets Ghetto Kids Uganda (Triplets Foundation) is a group of children from the streets of Kampala who chose to use dance as a way of staying away from violence.

Before fame came calling, all members of the Triplets Ghetto Kids came from the slums of Uganda were discovered by Dauda Kavuma who later founded the Triplets Foundation Uganda, to keep the kids busy.

The group has many awards both local and international; they have so far captured media attention with BBC being the latest.


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