Speaker Kadaga Exposes Minister Kizige on Radio

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga on Wednesday evening revealed that State Minister of Karamoja Affairs and other leaders from Busoga region wrote a dossier against her and took it to State House.

Appearing on Kamuli Broadcasting Service radio, Kadaga said some leaders from the region have forfeited their duties and instead resorted to fighting her. The Busoga NRM politics has for long been known to be characterized with internal wrangles.

Speaker Kadaga was reelected to the NRM Central Executive Committee as the 2nd National Vice Chairperson (Female) having floored junior Lands Minister Princess Persis Namuganza who had the backing of the Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa.

On the talk show, the speaker took time to disclose how a lot of NRM leaders were working against her.

“I have disclosed how some Basoga leaders in Government are fighting me. Recently, State Minister Moses Kizige, in cahoots with other leaders wrote a 13-point litany of complaints to President Museveni,” said Kadaga.

The Speaker added that she dismantled all the 13 points before Museveni, who is also the chairman of National Resistance Movement party, when she was invited to State House.

“I was invited to State House in their presence and I disapproved them to their disappointments,” added Kadaga.

She noted that some of her opponents are saying she had already been voted to CEC hence no need to be voted for the NRM flag bearer.


“Some detractors are telling voters that since I was voted to the CEC, I deserve no other vote. This is a lie; the CEC was a party matter. I still have to seek legitimacy from voters—for the NRM primaries; for next year’s parliamentary elections and for Speakership,” noted Kadaga.


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