South Sudanese Shower Singer Vinka With Dollars

By now, we know South Sudanese are generous people as far as supporting artists who perform in their Country is concerned.

This has clearly been evidenced in the way they shower Ugandan artists with chunks of money when they put up shows in their country.

Fik Fameica who held a concert in Juba last year, shared a video of himself covered with the South Sudanese currency after his show sold out.

Vinka has also followed suit after sharing a picture of herself laying on bed, covered with lots of South Sudanese dollars as she captioned, “My South Sudanese fans made it rain on me.”

Vinka was in South Sudan for a series of performances, where she was overwhelmed by the love and support her fans showed to her.

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The ‘love Doctor’ hit maker recently announced that she will be releasing a new song and video each new month, accompanied by a music video.

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