South Sudanese Refugee Child Drowns in Lamwo

A 2-year-old South-Sudanese child refugee on Monday fell in an uncovered pit full of water and drowned, Police have revealed.

Aswa region police spokesman Jimmy Patrick Okema identified the deceased as Caniwat Nelson, from Zone 4, Block 8 in Palabek Refugee settlement camp in Lamwo district.

The boy’s father Emmanuel Oketayot, an Acholi of South-Sudanese origin told Police that they found the body in the pit at around 5pm on Monday

The case was registered by Palabek refugee settlement Police under SD20/29/7/2019 and a post-mortem was scheduled to be conducted after which the body would be handed over to the family for burial.

Established in April 2017, Palabek refugee camp is home to about 39,000 South Sudanese refugees, most of whom are women and children.

In other news, Police in Omoro district have detention a woman identified as Jenifer Acen for allegedly killing her own new-born baby.

It is alleged that on the night of the 25th July at Gem Parish in Lalogi Sub-county in Omoro district, the suspect gave birth to a baby girl at night alone near a latrine where she strangled the baby to death.

She reportedly, wrapped the baby in a polythene bag and buried the baby in the compound of Aket-ket primary school.


The watchman of the school, Bension Onyango noticed later reported to the Police who hunted down arrested her.

Caption: South Sudanese Children at Palabek refugee camp

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