South Sudanese National Gets 22 Years in Jail for Armed Robbery

High Court judge Stephen Mubiru has sentenced Juma Salim, a South Sudanese National to 22 years in jail after being convicted of robbing Capital Forex Bureau in Kabalagala using a gun.

“Since nobody was injured, and after considering the aggravating and mitigating factors, and the period spent on remand, I sentence you to 22 years in prison,” the judge ruled.

Justice Mubiru added that he has considered 35 years, but having considered the fact that the convict was a refugee who was not raised in a normal environment, he decided on a more lenient sentence.

Court also ordered the convict to compensate the Forex Bureau with 10 million shillings, 5700 US Dollars, 200 Euros and 300 pounds which was stolen by Salim and his accomplices.

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According to prosecution, Juma Salim and others on 5th February 2014 at Kabalagala, Kampala district using a gun robbed 10 million shillings and other foreign currencies from Capital Forex Bureau

Salim was identified from the CCTV footage as person who shot the dog outside and entered with the gun which he used to destroy glass on one of tellers as he looked for the money.

His co-accused were also arrested and sentenced having admitted to their charges, without undergoing a full trial.

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