South Sudan

South Sudanese Abroad Condemn Murder of Tribesmen


A group of South Sudanese of the Ma’di tribe living abroad have expressed dismay at the gruesome murder of their fellow tribesman Daudi Kisire and Mr. Gwanya, of the Eastern Equatoria State.

The duo was reportedly murdered yesterday by unknown assailants under undisclosed circumstances.

It is reported that Mr Daudi Kasire was embroiled in controversies after he formed a group of fighters apparently to hunt down the killers of a Ma’di Chief, George Livio Ajugo who was murdered in September 2013.

The Ma’di Community living in the United States of America [Ma’di Community Association USA] said they were angered by the killing of Kasire and Gwanya.

“We reject the killings and intimidations of our people in our own land. The Ma’di people are a peace loving people and, this is a well-established fact in South Sudan,” they noted in a statement.

The killings come at the heels of a massive security deployment in the Ma’di community along the Ugandan border.

It is reported that on January 11, midnight house-to-house arrests was conducted by the Juba government with over 200 civilians snatched in the dark of the night, out of their homes; some of whom were children as young as 13 years old. Four priests were also arrested and detained.

The Madi in diaspora said arresting people in the name of keeping peace was wrong and unacceptable.

“We are yet again painfully reminded of the killing of our Paramount Chief [George Livio Ajugo] leading to untold sufferings inflicted by the Juba government on our Youths and Community Leaders, in the name of investigating the crime, as is typical for tyrants, through tortures and unconstitutional detentions without charges and trials.”

The Association chairman Mr Kenyi Okucu called upon the UNMISS and the International Community to “take serious note of what is happening in Ma’di land and investigate the killings of this two prominent businessmen.”

“We also call on the Government of Salva Kiir and his security apparatus to stop the killings and the arbitrary arrests of the Ma’di people in their own land,” he added.

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