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South Sudan VP Igga Under Fire

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A section of leaders from all the three greater Equatorial states have petitioned the regional body Intergovernmental Authority on Development on the ongoing South Sudan Peace Talks taking place in Addis Ababa, generic denouncing the idea of picking a Vice President from Equatoria as “absurd” and “totally unacceptable.”

They argued that “Equatorians are equally competent and qualified to compete for any position in the country including the presidency within a democratic setup in the country.”

The petitioners are mostly sympathetic to the SPLA- In Opposition deputy chief, visit Gen. Lado Gore, advice who for the first time described himself as the rebel movement`s Equatorial overall commander.

They disassociated themselves from another petition tabled before IGAD recently by the 3 Equatorial governors on the controversial proposed positions of 1st and 2nd Vice President.

The IGAD proposed power sharing agreement draft indicates that a new position of 1st VP be created and for the rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar while Mr. Iga Wanni who is current VP should be automatically pushed to 2nd VP.

The governors of Eastern Equatorial Luis Labong, Central Equatorial Wanni Konga and Western Equatorial Bakosongora last month presented a document to IGAD saying all people from the greater Equatorial have agreed that the current Vice President, Wanni Iga maintain his position.


However, the section of Equatorial leaders and people who also petitioned IGAD on Saturday, described the actions of three Equatoria governors as betrayal of trust of majority Equatoria people.

“It is an act of betrayal of the trust of the majority Equatorians for the three governors of Eastern, Central and Western Equatoria to forge a document and take it to IGAD claiming it is the position of the Equatorians on the ongoing peace process,” part of the petition which ChimpReports got a copy reads in part.

The petitioners flatly rejected the earlier document which they said is only intended to save Igga from losing his powerful position.

“Equatorians in South Sudan and outside the country, reject the document of the three governors that James Wani Igga should remain as the Vice President because it only advances personal interests of the ruling elites at the expense of the broad masses of Equatorians and South Sudanese at large. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to look at the total transformation of the system in South Sudan rather than looking at maintaining individuals in positions of power,” another part of the petition adds.

The petition also suggested five critical areas which IGAD should examine as peace talks continue.

The urged IGAD to first address the root causes of the bloody internal conflict in order to reach a meaningful peace agreement.

They also stressed the demand of forming Federal system of governance which they say all Equatorial people want. The petitioners want the capital of the world`s youngest nation be shifted away from Juba.

And lastly they demand the immediate release of the African Union Commission Inquiry report on South Sudan war that was postponed during the recently concluded AU and IGAD Heads of State and Government summit.

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