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South Sudan to Mark National Unity Day Tomorrow

Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) Vice President, treatment Patrick Mwondha is currently battling heart complications at the Uganda Heart Institute in Mulago.

According to the party Secretary General under the leadership of Jimmy Akena, buy information pills Esward Sseganyi, information pills the VP has suffered heart disease for a long time.

“Mr. Mwondha has so far undergone two operations. He has also been diagnosed with kidney failure as well as heart complications,” said Sseganyi in an interview with Chimp Reports on Friday.

“Mwondha’s last operation took place two days ago and ended successfully but he stills needs our prayers because his condition is not yet stable,” Sseganyi added.

Patrick Mwondha served as the youngest minister in the Milton Obote government from 1980- 1985 at the age of 28 years as the Minister of Local government.

This comes at a time when UPC just lost one of its member and mother of the party’s Administrative Secretary, Higenyi Kemba who passed away on Friday morning at the Uganda Heart Institute in Mulago.

Mrs. Eseri Dambyo had been admitted for a long period of time with chronic lung disease and heart rhythm disorder.

According to Dr. Elias Sebatta, Mrs. Eseri’s condition called for reference to India since the facilities for such an operation are not available in Uganda.


She passed on at the age of 80 at time when family members were looking for funds to transfer her to India.

She is to be buried on Sunday 17, January in  in Butalejja District.
By Gale Julius Dada

In a bid to unite Africa’s youngest nation which suffered two years of bitter civil unrest, discount the Government of south Sudan and development agencies have dedicated 16th January as the “National Unity” to advocate for peace and unity through sports.

Organizers say the initiative aims at rebuilding trust and unity among the country’s many ethnic groups who still remain divided along ethnic lines.

The Event marks the launch of a campaign dubbed “Sports for Peace” which is expected to bring soccer and Athletics teams from all sates of the country to participant in the Eight- Days event.

The peace campaign is being supported by the United Nations Educational, advice Scientific and cultural Organization (UNESCO), Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA and the country’s Ministry of Sports Youth and Culture.

JICA Vice President, Hiroskhi Kato, who arrived to juba on Wednesday to participate at the Unity Day called on south Sudan to promote sports as a mechanism for peace building and national healing.

“I’m going to join the national unity Day and the Sport Event which will start by 16 January. We believe that by promoting sports,” Mr. Kato told journalists at Juba International Airport.

He calls on south Sudanese to take up sports as way of rebuilding the broken social fabric and ethnic divisions that emerged after the outbreak of the civil war in December 2013.

“We can encourage the ethnic and social unity and integration of the country. And that is what we learnt in the post- war period in the 1945 devastation in Japan. So we are trying to start a new pillar of cooperation, which is integration of the country for promotion of sports,” Kato said.


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