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South Sudan Talks Suspended

Word reaching ChimpLyf indicates that not all is well at Yusuf Lule road based Cineplex Cinemas as it is reported that Garden City and Oasis Mall landlords have closed both premises of the pioneer Cinema service providers.

Cineplex which is owned by Arthur Busingye’s HUB Entertainment Ltd has been closed for the last 3 days for failure to clear rent amounting to hundreds of millions.

Sources close to the company indicate that things started falling apart at the movies when more competitors offering cheaper and more up-to-date services started pouring into the market at a terrible rate about two years ago. It is reported that this is when Cineplex that had dominated the cinema market for close to two decades started facing serious financial troubles.

With more cinemas having advanced technology in town, advice Cineplex who had been stuck to their old analogue machines were forced to upgrade and procure expensive modern digital technologies to match their competitors who had started showing movies in 3D.

This was a very costly purchase as Cineplex was at the time running over 6 Cinema halls in its two stations. This coupled with the fall in the number of customers is said to be the main reason that led to the bottomless financial crisis being experienced at the movies.

It is said that the crisis has led to a number of bottlenecks including employees’ wages going for months without being cleared and non-payment of rent.

“This is not the first time that the premises are being closed; many times they close but reopen after negotiations with the landlords, ask but this time round, they might close for good,” a reliable source told ChimpLyf.
Female Ugandan gospel music artist, information pills Patricia Mujungu has promised a mega performance a head of her gospel explosive show in Kampala next week.

In an exclusive with Chimplyf Corp, cure Pat Robert Larubi, malady Patricia revealed that the love unlimited concert  at silver spring hotel  next week is geared to having top cream gospel artist including Exodus, Jackie sennyonjo, muro, robinsan and Ruyonga who will be actually performing for the first time after his honey moon.


The “Make it with you” singer is also famous for her hits like Niwe and I love u that have always kept the airwaves busy.

When asked to describe who she is, Mujungu simply answered  “Am An African fashion designer, fourth child in a family of 8 God fearing, very kind and grateful, “she said adding that these are some of the attributes that have helped shape her to climb the ladder of spiritual music.

Her blend of music which involves a bit of afro fusion, Urban and Reggae music is a class that entertains all age group and a perfect match for the ever changing music demand in the country.

“In the past, people could sing soul music mostly but things have changed, the youth are mad with hip hop and that is the way to go,” Mujungu said.

“People should expect the best of me on Friday 10th October Silver Springs Hotel Bugolobi as I do my full album on live band,” she said.

This is the second gospel explosion for the youth following a successful forward concert at Emerald hotel by Robinsan Hairwe last month.
IGAD mediators have suspended peace talks between the two negotiating parties citing disagreements over power sharing.

Although the two parties have agreed in principle to devolve more powers to the states and to share powers by creating the post of Prime Minister, this the details are proving challenging hence prompting IGAD mediators to suspend the talks.

This was revealed after a 15 day adjournment of the talks that have been taking place in the city of Bahir Dar was announced.

The talks are expected to resume on the 16th of October.

This was the Sixth Session of the Second Phase of the IGAD-led multi-stakeholder peace talks on South Sudan officially opened on September 22.

This followed the acceptance of the participants to the First Draft of the Text Arising from the 25 August Protocol and Stakeholders’ positions as a basis for the negotiations in Bahir Dar, sick the capital of the Amhara National Regional State.

It is to be recalled that IGAD Assembly of Heads of State and Government endorsed the Protocol on Agreed Principles on Transitional Arrangements towards Resolution of the Crisis in South Sudan in Addis Ababa on 25 August 2014.

It was agreed that rebel leader Dr Riek Machar would serve as Deputy Vice President and that he would not stand for President in the upcoming elections.

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