South African Rapper Kwesta’s Show In Kampala: Analyzing Performance,Fans’ Photo Gallery Inside

Going to see South Africa-based rapper Kwesta perform at the ‘Lockdown’ party, was like heading for a good therapy session to those who are lovers of EDM,hip hop and House music.

Kwesta entertaining fans

The show which was held at the MTN Warehouse, wasn’t just a show, it was an experience of rap,EDM, House music and hip hop brought to the fans in an incredibly soothing manner.

Kwesta may not be known to many Ugandans, probably performing for the first time in the Country this year, but the rapper shouldn’t be discounted. Following his energetic performance, he’s left behind a record marked by those who attended the show.

After watching him support the band, drummer and guitarist, the reveler’s quick thoughts were that any other artist should deliver such energy while on stage, onto the point.

Kwesta’s sparkling energy and impassioned rap, EDM and House music including hits like ‘Khethile Khethile’ ‘Ngiyaz’fela’ among others, clearly set him a head of the other usual rappers.

The rapper left the audience, who had largely never heard his tracks before,hanging on his every word in a way that many popular or well established artists would be jealous of.

South African rapper Kwesta kept fans entertained all night long at the the Lockdown party held at the MTN Warehouse

If the crowd wasn’t already convinced, he was something special, Kwesta’s fiery closing performance of “Spirit” certainly made that obvious, as he revealed having enjoyed his short time stay in Kampala.

Other performers included DJ Sun El Musician and Uganda’s Kashbaby, FyaLeboof, The Mith, rapper Lagum and the Code among others.

He stepped off stage the time his fans never wanted to hear him say,”thank you Kampala,Uganda for turning in such big numbers,thank you for supporting me,God bless you,you have been such a great crowd,bye,”said the rapper as he concluded the show.

Below are some of the photos from the show;

At first,they seemed not to know Kwesta’s music,but as time went on,most of them started singing word by word
Ladies glued to the rappers performance throughout the show
Cinema Blitz’s Patrick Kwezi (Right) with his friends


She could have gone for a fashion show somewhere then she decided to pass by the lockdown party
Hmmm! men think we cant buy our own drinks,why cant they let us be
It was full house at the Lockdown party held at The MTN Warehouse
Look at that guy calling me,he hasn’t even bought himself a drink since he came
The Mith Performing
Ehhh!Did she even care about Father Lokodo?

look at where this guy is touching
Halloo!You said you were going to send MTN Money,nga i am not seeing anything
That guy promised to buy for us Johnnie Walker

A walk to beer
That look! was she going to slap the camera man?

Praying for beer? honestly, is this real?

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