Source of the Nile Bridge Is Not Damaged – UNRA Clarifies

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) came out to allay fears that the Source of the Nile Bridge, which was launched mid last month was already damaged.

Pictures emerged Wednesday evening on social media, showing black patches on the road surface, which quickly triggered concerns that the Shs 450Billion cable-stayed bridge in Jinja could have been another piece of shoddy work.

But the UNRA Publicist Mr Allan Ssempeebwa clarified that the patches were part of the ongoing tests on the new bridge, which is expected to have a life span of 120 years.

Mr Sempebwa told us the Japanese contractors are still utilizing their one year Defects Liability Period to put final touches on the road to ensure it’s of strongest quality.

Within the Defects Liability Period, which is typically after a construction project has been completed; a contractor is mandated among others to return to the site to remedy any noticeable defects.

According to a statement put out earlier by UNRA, the patches seen on the Source of the Nile Bridge “are not a structural defect.”

“The temporary course seen is part of the tests being performed on Source of the Nile Bridge to form baseline data for the bridge structural health,” the Authority revealed.

“Once the tests are done, a permanent asphalt layer will be placed.”


While the patches on the road were indeed caused by traffic, Mr Ssempebwa noted that this is all part of the process of obtaining data on the structural integrity of the bridge.

The contractors he said are currently extracting data on a number of aspects on the bridge which include its response to temperature changes, contractions and expansion among others.

The UNRA mouthpiece added that depending on the data obtained, the road will sometime in the coming weeks be closed and another permanent asphalt layer added.

“Remember the contractors are Japanese; they know what they are doing,” he added.

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