Soul Singer Maurice Kirya Working on New Album

Soul Singer Maurice Kirya is set to drop his new album this year.


The ‘Mwooyo’ hitmaker has been in studio working on the new album titled ‘Beyond Myself The Album’ since last year.


The singer has given fans an update on the highly anticipated album, saying he will be releasing it soon.


Although he has not revealed the album’s track list, one thing for sure is, it will at least consist of one tribute song to his daughter Siena who was born last year.



Titled ‘Little Doll,’ the singer says the song was inspired by his little girl.


“A couple of days, after she was born, I was on a train to Hamburg to perform and in my head, I could hear the melody, the words, the feeling, the song!” Maurice disclosed.

Kirya welcomed Sienna Kirya, with his girlfriend Gcveer Breek in June 2018. At that time, the singer announced the news on social media, saying, “I am in love, oh what a joy it is to meet you.”


Last year, the singer revealed that he had been forced to shelve the previous album that he had been working on due to a creative block and instead embarked on working on a new one.


“So I’ve been working on a new album, but then , a powerful force sat upon my hand, my mind and my heart. I Decided to put that album on hold and create but another album.


I have never been so certain about a direction like I am today, I am gonna have such a wonderful time. Usually when i interact with my fellow artists, i sound strange, weird, and out of my damn mind(for the most part its true) till i drop heat.


But this time they will say they were right about me, coz this shit am on to is beyond me, I might as well just call the album “Beyond Me,” posted the singer.


This will be Kirya’s fourth studio effort following 2017’s ‘Free Dreams’ album which sold out.

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