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SOMALIA: AMISOM, UN Compounds Attacked with Mortars

At least three AMISOM soldiers and four others have been injured following an armed attack on the heavily-fortified United Nations (UN) compound and peacekeepers’ base in Mogadishu, Somalia on Sunday.

According to Red Cross Society officials,  three construction workers and one international staff member was hurt in the attack.

The injuries were described as “not life threatening.”

The casualties have since been evacuated to Level 2 hospital.

ChimpReports understands the military shelled the UN and AMISOM camps with mortars which struck Jazeera Gate, Phase 5, Phase 7B,  Level 2 Hospital and United Nations Guard Unit (UNGU) perimeter wall.

Ugandan Forces provide military guard to UN staff in Mogadishu.

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, James Swan, has since condemned today’s indirect fire attack on the United Nations and AMISOM compounds in the Somali capital.

The attack occurred at 1:15 (local time).

“I am appalled by this blatant act of terrorism against our personnel, who work together with the Somali people on humanitarian, peace building, and development issues. Thankfully, the majority of our staff is unhurt. I wish our wounded colleagues a full recovery from their injuries,” said Mr. Swan.

“There is no justification for such despicable acts of violence, and the United Nations remains determined to support Somalia on its path to peace, stability and development.”  

No organization has yet claimed responsibility for this attack.

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