Soldier’s Mother Collapses Dead at Ministry of Defence Offices

A 76-year-old on Thursday morning collapsed and died while scaling up the Ministry of Defence offices in Kampala.

The woman whom the army identified as Annet Musumba, collapsed at around 11am this morning, while in a lift at Postel building in Kampala.

The building houses offices of the defence ministry’s Directorate of Veterans which is on the 7th Floor.

Mrs Musumba, a resident of Mbale is said to have been at  the office to make some inquiries.

The son, Andrew Muduli died in 1999 at the rank of Lieutenant.

UPDF’s deputy spokesman Let Col Deo Akiiki said the elderly woman died instantly after collapsing in the elevator.

“She was in company of his son one Wagidoso Wasolo, and a Ministry of Defence staff Mr Apollo Welishe.  Together, the two were climbing the steps to access 7th floor but later decided to use the lift where Annet collapsed,” Akiiki said.

“The UPDF medical team from the UPDF Senior Officers Diagnostic Centre Mbuya led by Dr. Brenda Aboke was immediately called in. Dr. Aboke later pronounced Annet Masumba dead.  Police was also called in to do other procedures. The body was taken to Bornbo General Military Hospital for post-mortem.”


Her son revealed later that the mother has been battling with Arthritis and High Blood Pressure.

Akiiki says at the time of her death, Masumba was the one responsible for the estates of her late son.

He says she had received gratuity money and by the time of her death she was receiving monthly pension payments.

The army spokesman says the Defence Ministry encourages pensioners and claimants to utilize the established zonal offices in their districts as the first point of call instead of coming to the Ministry headquarters.

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