Socialite Don Nasser Denied Bail As UAE Gov’t Asks Uganda to Hand Him Over

The government of United Arab Emirates (UAE) has asked the Ugandan government to hand over arrested socialite Don Nasser alias Isaac Nduhukire.

This was revealed by Nnalongo Maggie Kaweesi, who is an alleged accomplice in the case.

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Not so long ago, this very site reported how Nasser used Maggie, who is the ex-lover to fallen singer AK47, to get close to one of his victims only identified as Jessica in Dubai.

Don Nasser being pulled out of the ceiling he was hiding

While speaking to journalists in Entebbe yesterday during Don Nasser’s court case, Maggie said the victim, Jessica, already has sanctions against arrested socialite from her government in UAE.

“She offered a lot of things to Uganda but unfortunately because of what happened she stopped,” Maggie said.

“She asked the Government to help her [hand over or charge Nasser] or the Government of UAE will be involved because Nasser is a resident there.”

Maggie further says that she flew in with Evidence to pin Nasser on the alleged crimes.


“So, I met this lady, she’s called Jessica, today and told her. I came with all the evidence.” Maggie, who has recorded a statement at Central Police Station (CPS), says.

Don Nasser with police officers after his arrest last week

Maggie has since revealed that she is ready to testify against Don Nasser who is her ex-boyfriend because she doesn’t want to go to jail for something she had no part in and leave her children alone.

“Because of my children I couldn’t be in Prison for something I never took part in or allow someone steal from investors who come to Uganda,” Maddie adds.

Don Nasser was arrested last week after a series of crimes were reported against him.

Don Nasser with girlfriend Mastulah Nassali Mutaasa

He was found hiding in the ceiling of his mansion in Kiira, Wakiso district.

He is accused of defrauding numerous people of their money in fake gold deals.

Upon arrest, he was found with sacks of what is believed to be fake gold and bundles of fake dollars.

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His girlfriend Mastulah Nassali Mutaasa, who is wanted for questioning by the police, was not home the day Nasser got arrested.

Don Nasser appeared before the Entebbe Magistrate’s Court in Entebbe yesterday but was denied bail.

He was taken back to the Police Mineral Protection Unit in Entebbe where he has been detained since his arrest last week on Tuesday.

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