Socialite Bad Black Finally Receives Payment for Covid-19 Advert

City Socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has today June 20 received payment for the covid-19 advert in which she appealed to sex workers to keep away from truck drivers as per the Ministry of Health guidelines to curb the transmission of the virus.

After two weeks of multi-pronged social and mass media pleas and demands to the Ministry of Health to clear the alleged Shs 500m that was agreed upon as per her service, Bad Black has today confirmed that she has been paid fully and the Ministry owes her no single coin.

“I have been paid fully in cash and not cheque, ‘Mzee’ doesn’t owe me anything. I won’t attack the government anymore, the debt has been settled after two weeks,” she said.

The amount of money she got, however, was not disclosed. It remains to be seen, whether it was the alleged 500m she says they owed.

This comes after events promoter and NRM ‘associate’ Balaam Barugahare intervened in her issue and mediated what is now a done deal between the government and Bad Black. In a video that got to social media this evening, Bad Black signed what she said is an agreement confirming her cash payment from NRM supporters who mobilized the money.

Balaam had earlier alone met with Bad Black and her lawyers, asking her to “ceasefire until a permanent solution is reached.”

The Ministry had earlier on in a statement said that the advert was offered to government as a donation by Precision Communications Consulting Ltd, as part of President Yoweri Museveni’s call to the public to donate or provide free services towards the prevention of COVID-19.

In a twist of events, however, Precision Media also issued a statement saying they never signed a contract with Bad Black.


“On 29th April 2020, we called and requested Bad Black to voluntarily record an audio – visual message as her contribution to the fight against COVID-19 that was later to be donated to the Ministry of Health for airing on various media platforms,” the statement read in part.


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