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Social Media Tax: Police Impounds Loud Speakers Used To Incite Public 

Police in Kampala on Monday started cracking down and impounding loud speakers used by unknown people to incite public against paying the controversial tax on social media.

Unknown people especially in downtown Kampala have recorded voices urging people not to pay and also raise and demonstrate against the newly imposed taxes on social media and mobile money transactions.

The speakers were placed on the busy streets, taxi parks and entrances of shopping arcades where they play the voices repeatedly.

While addressing the media at Central Police Station in Kampala, the Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima said that the act of inciting violence amongst the public is prohibited.

Kayima advised the public to use proper avenues to demonstrate their grievances instead of inciting violence.

“There are well stipulated procedures through which you can communicate your dissatisfaction,” Kayima said.

The police publicist however said that no suspect has been arrested but was quick to reveal that investigations are under way to establish the voices recorded in the messages.


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